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SkyeTeam is sought out for their innovative, highly effective leadership development programs that help clients maximize ROI, minimize risk, and achieve business results. We’ve partnered in the development of more than 25,000 leaders in 20 countries across four continents.

We're constantly refining our in-person, digital, and virtual learning capabilities to ensure your leaders and learners benefit from the latest methods, tools and resources. SkyeTeam's learning experiences are designed to meet the unique needs of each client organization and the leaders within it.

Some clients are well known, others less so. While the size and type of business may vary, the challenges are very often the same — how best to attract, retain, and grow leaders throughout and across the organization. Our simple suggestion is a partnership with SkyeTeam. There’s no better time than today to get started.

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Looking for a Keynote Speaker Who's Fun, Engaging and Hard Hitting?

In their inspiring and interactive keynotes, Morag Barrett and Eric Spencer will challenge and inspire your attendees to take a fresh look at how they show up at work, and more importantly, leave with immediate actions that will positively impact their teams. We also promise that it’ll be fun!

Morag and Eric are regularly invited to deliver their live and virtual keynote presentations to audiences around the world. Whether you are hosting an in-person event or supporting a distributed audience, contact SkyeTeam today to learn more.  

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Leadership Matters: What We're Talking About

Future-Proof Workplace

Are You Ready for The Future of Work?  The Future-Proof Workplace is a survival guide for the new reality of business. The future is no longer some far-off destination; it is here, right now, and already changing the way we work.

Whether you're a CEO, a leader or manager, or just trying to survive the chaos, this invaluable guide is your wake-up call—the future is now. Our six strategies will help you accelerate talent development, reshape your culture, and succeed with purpose.

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Cultivate. The Power of Winning Relationships

Organizations live and die by the strength of the relationships between the people who work there. Employees may join an organization because of the brand and benefits, but they invariably choose to leave because of poor relationships.

Cultivate. The Power of Winning Relationships shows you how to nurture Ally Relationships, those who will hold you accountable, increase your impact and accelerate your success. Business is Personal. Relationships Matter!

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