Skye Book Review: The First 90 Days – Michael Watkins

By Morag Barrett on March 1, 2012

Posted by Morag Barrett | March 1, 2012Skye Book Review: The First 90 Days – Michael WatkinsThe First 90 Days by Michael Watkins remains a standard recommendation on all our leadership and management development programs.  The book is written in a very down to earth style and contains practical tools, checklists and resources to ensure success during the first 90 days of any transition.  Watkins says that the first 90 days in any transition are a time of “acute vulnerability” and that the way a new leader plans for transition is absolutely critical, the mistakes made during these early days can impact not just results, but also reputations. The title is a little misleading, The First 90 Days is worth reading at anytime, and especially when you are transitioning to a new role, new company, new team or new project.  I personally liked The First 90 Days because of its pragmatic approach.  Each chapter focuses on one of ten “transition tasks’ that those in transition should focus on and accomplish with the first 90 days and includes checklists and recommendations that can be implemented in all organizations and teams.    The priority areas are around learning, about the organization, your new boss, your team.  All of which leads to informed choice and action that ensure “early wins” as a leader, and builds a cohesive team.   The result is a reduction in the time it takes to reach the “breakeven point” where the value gained by the organization begins to exceed the cost of the leader.I have used The First 90 Days as a framework for my own transitions.  The book served to ensure that I made informed, thoughtful choices vs be natural style which may have been to rush in and taking action.To learn more:Click here to download the abstract of The First 90 Days.Related ArticlesTags »Best Leadership BooksHigh Performing Teamleadership development denverleadership training coloradoLearningmanagement Share
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