Why Leaders Fail. Relationships Matter

By Morag Barrett on March 12, 2012

Posted by Morag Barrett | March 12, 2012Why Leaders Fail. Relationships MatterThe World of Work, whether you are in public service, a private company or working for a non-profit is likely the biggest team sport that many of us will be part of, however for some, the concept of mutual success over individual success is contrary to our experience. Our school system reinforces this individualistic mindset, focusing on how you can graduate in the top x% of your class, it’s about ‘you vs. the exam board’ and the majority of the focus is on individual effort, performance and ultimately individual success, little is about teamwork or collaboration.When we translate this to the workplace we see silo’s created, where ‘my team is better than your team’ or ‘my project is more important than your project’, which eventually slows down the flow of information, impacts decision-making and ultimately the company’s success.  Think of it this way;  If your company has the best sales organization in the world, it will not matter if your operations team is unable to turn up or provide the product / service on time.  You can have the best operations team in the world, but if you HR group isn’t able to hire in the talent to grow the organization, long-term success will be impacted.Organizational success is a team effort. Relationships Matter!Organizational #success is a #team effort. #Relationships Matter!Click To TweetThis is especially true as we move through our careers, it’s your business relationship quality that has a greater impact on your success, your relationships up, down and across the organization.  It’s about your ability to get work done and results achieved THROUGH OTHERS versus thorough your individual efforts.What I’m not saying is that technical skills or knowledge are not important.  They are, they are the entry-level requirement that gets you a seat at the table.  What I am saying is that it is your ability to build and maintain high quality relationships that will take your success and your team’s success to the next level of performance.  Think back through your own careers, have you known someone at work, highly technically or functionally competent and promoted up the ladder, but, at a certain point, they self-destructed because they could not work well with others, no one wanted them on the team, or they were so quiet that no one knew the value of what they contributed?Given this, ask yourself the questions:“How much time and energy am I investing in developing lasting business relationships?”“Am I thoughtful about which relationships are most important to my success?”“Am I proactive in building and maintaining my business relationships?”Related ArticlesTags »leadership development denverleadership training coloradomanagementteam building coloradoteam building denverTrust Share
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