Where have your New Year’s Resolutions gone?

By Morag Barrett on March 19, 2012

Posted by Morag Barrett | March 19, 2012Where have your New Year’s Resolutions gone?It’s March, and my guess is that for most of us, the New Year’s resolutions we made to ourselves in January have gone the way of previous years… a strong start, followed by distraction, and ultimately forgotten.  If you can find (or remember) your list, take it out and review it for a minute.  How many ‘promises’ did you make to yourself?Experience has shown that a laundry list of items becomes difficult to maintain.  It is predestined to become overwhelming and to be put to one side.  We have a radical suggestion… instead of trying to transform everything… why not just pick ONE thing to do differently right now.  One thing that you are truly committed to applying, one area you want to improve, one new behavior to make into a lasting habit.Write a quick list of the things you would change / improve / start that will have a positive impact on your work or home life.  Make the list short and simple, this is not about you training to become an Olympic champion (unless you are already a national champion), it is about the small adjustments of the dial that will reap the biggest impact for you.  As you review your list, look for any themes that forms, one area that if you paid attention, and spent time in deliberate (and guided) practice would impact several other items on your list.Whether you want toimprove your presentation and speaking skillsbreak the habit of interrupting othersslow down and pay attention to the detailslearn how another part of your business operatesCreate yourself a reminder of the one thing you want to pay attention to –  a Post-It note on your computer, a task reminder, a note on the bathroom mirror. These reminders will help to reinforce your commitment to your one baby step.  And trust me, the rest of the ‘stuff’ will still be there in the months to come.  You can tackle those things then.  To make progress, start with the baby steps… pick one thing… now where is my gym membership card?This short TED video is of Matt Cutts, a Google engineer, who has a powerful message about the value of making small, sustainable changes, and in doing so actually ACHIEVING goals and increasing self-confidence in the process.Your challenge… don’t let the next 30 days disappear with nothing accomplished. What can you achieve in the next 30 days?  Think big… what could your team achieve?Watch the video: Related ArticlesTags »changeleadership development denverleadership training coloradoLearningteam building coloradoteam building denver Share
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