Skye Book Review: Who’s In The Room? – Bob Frisch

By Morag Barrett on April 1, 2012

Posted by Morag Barrett | April 1, 2012Skye Book Review: Who’s In The Room? – Bob FrischI recently finished reading Who’s in the Room? How Great Leaders Structure and Manage the Teams Around Them by Bob Frisch which I would highly recommend.In the book Frish challenges the standard approach for selecting your team, based on the organization chart and including all of your direct reports.  Instead, he talks about ‘Kitchen cabinets’ the small team of trusted advisors that a leader may turn to and how to ensure that these teams work more effectively.  Frisch believes that real problem isn’t the kitchen cabinet; it’s the myth that the kitchen cabinet doesn’t exist.Frisch presents an approach where a CEO / Leader can leverage both the Senior Management Team (all direct reports) AND a Kitchen Cabinet effectively.  An approach that allows for a portfolio of teams designed to deliver specific projects; a combination of permanent and ad hoc groups and potential for a ‘yes-man’ culture where meetings and discussions follow the prevailing view and disagreement or contrary perspectives are rare or are actively discourage.In my experience, too many senior teams ‘hunt in packs’ attending a myriad of meetings together, this cannot be an efficient use of time.  The benefit of Frisch’s approach is a nimble approach to decision-making, problem solving and more importantly EXECUTION against key projects and objectives; ensuring that the right people are in the room at the right time, focused on the right things, rather than being sucked into the weeds and minutiae that many senior teams find themselves involved in every day.Frisch provides tools and frameworks to assess your teams and kitchen cabinet and recommendations on how to ensure they both work effectively.  Team building and off sites are secondary to ensuring the PROCESSES are clear and effective.Curious to learn more about Skye Team high performing team programs?  Then make sure to contact us today!Related ArticlesTags »Best Leadership BooksHigh Performing TeamTeam activitiesteam building coloradoteam building denver Share
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