Avoid the 3 mistakes of voicemail

By Morag Barrett on April 9, 2012

Posted by Morag Barrett | April 9, 2012Avoid the 3 mistakes of voicemailI have just listened to two voicemail messages left for me.  In fact I have just had to listen to those same two voicemail messages three times in order to catch the name and number of the person who had called.  Has this happened to you?  It seems to me that we are all in such a rush that when we get an answerphone we stop paying attention and the message we leave gets garbled.  Since answer phones and voicemail are ubiquitous, why is it that they still catch us by surprise?Take these three steps to avoid your messages simply being deleted:Anticipate the voicemail – before you call, think about the reason for your phone call.  Chances are you will get an answerphone and if you prepare the WHY of the phone call, you can leave it as a brief message vs a confused garble!Leave your name and phone number TWICE and SLOWLY – I know YOU know your phone number, but this is the first time  I have heard it (and my phone didn’t capture it).  When you rattle off the numbers like an express train, I have no choice but to reply the message again (and again) to make sure I heard it right.  Ideally say your phone number at the beginning and end of your message, there is nothing more frustrating than not having time to get the phone number at the start, listening to a long message, not having the number repeated and having to replay the message over again.Be clear on next steps – although you have left your name, number and reason for calling be clear as to when you are available to be called back, and when you will reach out again.Thank you! Related ArticlesTags »communicationleadership development denverleadership training coloradoteam building coloradoteam building denver Share
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