Presentation Skills: Preparing for A Presentation

By Morag Barrett on April 26, 2012

Posted by Morag Barrett | April 26, 2012Presentation Skills: Preparing for A PresentationEarlier this week I posted a blog article about how to prepare for a presentation or public speaking opportunity.  I came across this short videos from Fast Company on ‘How I prepare for Important Presentations’:  Lane Bess, President and CEO, Palo Alto Networks  Genevieve Bell, Director of User Experience, Intel Digital Home Group Related ArticlesPresentation Skills: Your Call To ActionYou have a stunning opening for your presentation, your content is written, and I am sure that you have written the closing words for your presentation.  Go back and read it.  Does it have ’punch’? Does it include a clear 'call to action'?  I have had the opportunity to observe and…May 29, 2012In "Presentation Skills"Presentation Skills: Practice Makes PerfectPractice definitely makes perfect.  However it is ‘guided practice’ that will reap the greatest rewards for you.  In the same way as people seek coaches to improve their sporting game, you should seek out a trusted adviser to help you to prepare and practice your presentation.  It can be a…June 12, 2012In "Presentation Skills"Presentation Skills: Structuring your presentationYou have diligently answered the audience related and logistic questions from my last blog as you prepare for your presentation.  You are now staring at a blank sheet of paper or your computer screen seeking inspiration for the content of your presentation. As you write your first draft of the…May 1, 2012In "Presentation Skills" Share
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