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By Morag Barrett on May 12, 2012

Posted by Morag Barrett | May 12, 2012Who are you?When asked ‘Who are you?’ most of us hear ‘What do you do?’ we share our job titles, the hats we wear, the roles we play, rather than who we are. In my case my hats include: mother, wife, friend, sister, aunt, business owner, sales manager, executive coach, leadership facilitator, instructional designer, book-keeper, musician, dancer, breadwinner… I could go on.So why talk about hats and who we are?  This week I had lunch with a good friend, Cynthia, who as ever, left me inspired and energized about work, life and everything.  I love friends and opportunities that leave you with a spring in your step!!  Our conversation over lunch was far-ranging, from our children and their school life, to work, to what we were doing for Mothers Day. We shared the frustrations and low points since we last met, and the highs and successes we had both had.  We talked about our hopes for the future.  It was fun, it was energizing.Somehow we transitioned onto the topic of who we are vs the roles we play.  Cynthia shared that she had recently received an email from someone that had really caught her attention.  In addition to the standard (boring) email signature this person had included three statements:Basketball FanaticQueen of KaraokeAspiring Yoga MasterThese statements went far beyond the job title we usually share, which in reality tells us very little about what someone does, let alone who they are!  We laughed at the idea and then of course went on to decide what our three would be.For Cynthia:Joyful MumFitness FanaticGrateful GiverFor Me:Sparkly Ballroom BabeEnthusiastic MusicianAdrenaline JunkyIf you are curious to know what these mean for me, do ask next time we meet!  I’ll be honest, it wasn’t an easy exercise, trying to describe who I am in way that got beyond the obvious titles was challenging.I am curious… Who are you?At Skye we are all about helping to uncover the real you, our leadership programs and executive coaching programs are not about creating clones, rather about unlocking the strengths in each and every one of us that makes us unique.  If you would like to find out who you are, and discover your unique leadership strengths, then call us today!Related ArticlesTags »charactervalues Share
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