You are asking the WRONG question.

By Morag Barrett on May 18, 2012

Posted by Morag Barrett | May 18, 2012You are asking the WRONG question.A recent study at Harvard Business Review has put the cat amongst the pigeons and caused a flurry of articles, posts and comments on the theme of whether women are better leaders than men.  You can read a summary of the article to find out the conclusions (spoiler alert: in nearly all areas the answer was ‘YES’.)A Google search on ‘Are women better leaders than men?’ returns a staggering 47,300,000 results (as of today) which tells me this is a hot topic of conversation!At Skye, when we are facilitating our leadership programs and high performing team retreats we will, at some point during the proceedings be asked by the participants:“How do we compare to other companies / leaders / teams [insert your own comparison group].”Understanding what others may (or may not be doing) to deliver their results is a key step in learning and changing your own game to improve results and achieve your goals.  However, in most cases the question “How do we compare with…” is usually asked without regard for the learning that may come from the answer, especially if the team in question is already struggling to work effectively together.While the research and the debate that has ensued from the Harvard study is no doubt important, for me, the key insights are not necessarily about who is better (or worse) but simply the fact that approaches are different.  We all bring our own unique approach to leadership.The question is not “how do we compare to others?” the critical question is“Do you believe you are the best leader / team / organization that you can be, right now, today?”and if the answer is ‘No’ then what are YOU going to do about it?Related ArticlesTags »High Performing Teamleadership development denver Share
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