Presentation Skills: The Line (the presentation content)

By Morag Barrett on May 22, 2012

Posted by Morag Barrett | May 22, 2012Presentation Skills: The Line (the presentation content)You have  the opening to your presentation, it captures the audience’s attention, you have clearly stated the ‘Whats in it for them’…now you have to deliver your presentation and ensure that it contains a clear message.When writing your content remember the advice in earlier posting about mind mapping and how to structure your presentation; focus on the ‘Must Know’ content, followed by the ‘Should Know’ content and only if you have time can you discuss the ‘Nice to Know’ content.If this is a formal presentation I would recommend that you write your script in full.  You can then re read it and edit it to ensure that there is a logical flow and that you are not repeating yourself during your presentation.  Once you are confident that you have your core content then read it out loud.  Better still, stand up and read it out loud.  Why? for two reasons,firstly, because what you read in your head sounds very different out loud, and you may decide to change how you talk to point or the order in which you discuss themsecondly, because timing is everything, and unfortunately timing is the one thing that many presenters overlook.  Trust me, if you read your script in your head it will take no time at all.  If you sit at your desk and read it quietly to your self you may still be mistaken as to how long it will really take to present.  STAND UP and talk out loud, to an imaginary audience, or if you can find a volunteer use them.  Now time yourself.  Do you really have sufficient time to cover the points you have written?  Does your volunteer look puzzled at times? Do you need to simplify the language, change the order or pace?Only once you are really confident that your presentation content meets the objectives and time available should you start to create the Powerpoint or handouts that will support you.Related ArticlesTags »communicationPresentation Skills Share
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