Outrageous or Outraged?

By Morag Barrett on June 15, 2012

Posted by Morag Barrett | June 15, 2012Outrageous or Outraged?I was recently driving home from an event with the WICT Rocky Mountain Mentoring Program (a great program that Skye facilitates),  when I noticed the bumper sticker on the car in front of me which read:“Outrageous Older Woman”and that got me to thinking…1) Did one really need to be ‘older’ (or a woman for that matter) in order to be outrageous?I gave that question a resounding “No”.  I know plenty of ‘outrageous’ men / women young and old, who, in the right setting can be provocative, getting the conversation or party going, and yet in other settings make one cringe.  Being outrageous is a fine line determined by the receiver. 2) That while I probably fall into the category of ‘older woman’ (certainly to my three sons!), would I consider myself ‘outrageous’? I came to the conclusion that the answer was ‘maybe’ (and probably a resounding “yes” if you asked my sons).  I know that when I was first starting my career I was worried about what others thought about me, I didn’t want to be seen as ‘outrageous’ in case the label stuck and prevented me from moving through the organization.  The fact that my first career was in banking and that I am British may have had something to do with being reserved.  ‘Outrageous’ was not a corporate value that was encouraged!Nowadays I can say that I am a little less concerned with what others think.  Experience has shown me that life is way too short to worry about what others may or may not think is appropriate, one needs to live life to the full every moment we are here.Am I outrageous? Absolutely! well…sometimes… and usually with a heavy dose of ‘British sensibility’ still thrown in!My final thought was how changing a few letters can make a whole heap of difference to a word, it’s meaning and impact.3) That instead of being ‘Outrageous Older Woman’ the bumper sticker could easily have read ‘Outraged Older Woman’.I am not aware that I am currently ‘outraged’ by anything;Other than enjoying a series on Netflix with my family over a few weeks… only to find it dropped from the library when we still had the final two episodes left to watch.Certain TV advertising (and those who know me know which ones get me riled up!)OK, so maybe I am just a little outraged on occasions!I am curious – are you Outrageous or Outraged?Related ArticlesTags »communicationEmotionEmotional IntelligenceEQleadership training colorado Share
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