Getting Ahead of the Looming Talent Crisis

By Morag Barrett on June 29, 2012

Posted by Morag Barrett | June 29, 2012Getting Ahead of the Looming Talent CrisisA recent HR Leadership Council briefing quoted a new report from the Society for Human Resource Management and AARP that revealed that “72% of US HR executives believe that the potential loss of talent over the next decade could be a problem for their organizations.”The report indicated that many organizations were already taking proactive steps to prepare for the loss of talented older workers, with the current focus being on:Increasing cross-training efforts (45%),Creating succession plans (38%),Hiring retired employees as consultants or temporary employees (30%),Offering flexible work arrangements (27%), andDesignating part-time positions to attract older employees (24%).Our observation is that while these solutions may stem the flow, they are primarily focused on the current workforce within organizations or on prior employees.  To get ahead of the looming talent crisis new solutions are required, solutions that help to ATTRACT new employees from what will be a much smaller pool to draw upon.Skye has recently partnered with Peninsula Partners Inc., a Denver based Marketing and Talent Acquisition Strategy firm to develop and implement a new approach to talent acquisition.  Peninsula Partners Inc.’s approach to the potential talent shortage is to get ahead of the curve through the building of talent communities.Develop an Employee Brand.  Organizations wishing to quickly and easily attract potential employees need to have a well-developed employee brand. This employee brand should align with your corporate brand and clearly communicate the W.I.I.F.M. (the ‘What’s In It For Me’), how your new employee will be able to contribute meaningfully to the organization and community if they join your organization.Participate in, build and manage Talent Communities. Talent Communities engage potential candidates, those people interested in your organization or a particular function (that may be a critical role for your company) by providing them with interesting, relevant content at the right time.  Talent communities are a forum that allow your potential new employees to ask questions, respond and share experiences, helping to support the idea that your organization is one that they could and would want to work within.  Talent Communities become a two-way conversation between potential employees, and those in your organization (not just recruiters and HR) who can help communicate the stories that demonstrate corporate brand, values, and impact in the community.Leveraging Social Networks and Technologies.  Organizations who are ahead of the talent crisis aren’t waiting until there is an open position to start their search process.  They are already interacting with people through social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and company blogs.  They have an existing relationship with highly qualified individuals that are members of their talent community, resulting a much shorter time to hire and a better match between individual, organization and role.At Skye we are about helping our clients to anticipate future challenges and implement strategies now that will mitigate that risk.  Don’t wait until your talent crisis hits, call today and let us show you how to successfully plug your talent gaps.Morag Barrett, Skye Team  or Brittany Sever, Peninsula Partners – brittany@peninsulapartnersinc.comRelated Articles Share
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