Skye Book Review: The Art of Loving Life – Sandra Thébaud

By Morag Barrett on August 1, 2012

Posted by Morag Barrett | August 1, 2012Skye Book Review: The Art of Loving Life – Sandra ThébaudHave you ever stopped to ask yourself, “Why is life so difficult? Shouldn’t it be easier than this?”  Although the shelves are lined with books about stress management, there is a book entitled The Art of Loving Life that explains this commonly covered topic without complicated explanations or scientific terms.The author, Sandra Thébaud, founder of Paramount Transitions has come up with a simple and succinct book that identifies how stress affects us and explains how we can use her simple techniques to quickly start resolving these stressors by initiating her tools as well as sharing glimpses into her own personal experiences.  Her thoughtful and graceful writing will inspire you to find a more peaceful path in life.  If you are looking to understand the stressors inyour life, and more importantly tactics to reduce the stress you experience then you can do no better than to start with The Art of Loving Life.The book was recently featured by the American Institute of Stress and in a local Denver newspaper.  This book is a great addition to your bookshelf and one you will find yourself returning to on a regular basis.Related ArticlesTags »Best Leadership BooksEmotional Intelligence Share
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