Gratitude and Thanks

By Morag Barrett on November 5, 2012

Posted by Morag Barrett | November 5, 2012Gratitude and ThanksToday I received a lovely thank you note from a wonderful client, along with this photo of the participants in their Leadership Boot Camp program.This image is being shared on their internal T.V. network.  All very exciting, a great example of the ripple effect that the program has created for this, the fifth cohort to participate in the program, from day one and with so much more to come over the next twelve months.I can safely say that I love my clients.  I love my job!Who do you need to share your thanks and gratitude with?  Don’t be shy, make someone’s day – say THANK YOU!  Related Articles2016 PMI Mile Hi Symposium: 6 Steps to Successful LeadershipIn my experience, soft-skills are the “secret sauce” to leadership. However, when I talk to leaders in companies around the nation, those soft skills are often overlooked when it comes to preparing emerging leaders for success. If these skills are the secret sauce, why are they so often neglected? The…March 31, 2016In "Leadership and Management"Casting your net to connect on a virtual teamIf you have a team member (or members) that you rarely see face-to-face, who live and work in a different geographical location (and that can be in the next building!), that you communicate with through phone, email or other technology, then you are part of one of the many virtual…May 13, 2014In "Cultivating Winning Relationships"6 foolproof ways to start a conversation with anyoneI'll let you into a secret. I am terrified of small talk. I know. Hard to believe. Put me on the stage at a conference, and I can deliver a compelling keynote to hundreds of people that has everyone engaged and involved. Ask me to work with your leadership team,…May 9, 2017In "Leadership and Management"Tags »High Performing Teamleadership development denverleadership training coloradoLearningteam building coloradoteam building denver Share
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