A Great Mentor is…

By Morag Barrett on May 6, 2013

Posted by Morag Barrett | May 6, 2013A Great Mentor is…Last week we celebrated the graduation of the latest group of participants from the WICT Rocky Mountain Mentoring Program.  During the celebration both Mentors and Mentees share their personal successes and achievements during the program.  The stories included promotions, decisions to change careers, new learning and insights.  These were stories of courage, determination and a clear indication of what is possible when we pause to focus on ourselves.There were four themes that struck me as I listened to the Mentees talk about their Mentors and what made them special and effective.They Listened:  The Mentees acknowledged that their mentors listened to them, their frustrations, their dreams, their possible next steps.  This listening was without judgement and provided a foundation of trust.They Challenged: The Mentors helped the participants to move out of their comfort zone and to take action.  To move from a [possible] mindset of helplessness to one where they felt confident and able to take action, to drive for change.They Shared: The Mentors shared their own experiences and learning from their own careers, providing inspiration and encouragement.They Championed: The Mentors cheered on their Mentees as they implemented their action plans.  Reviewing and helping to make adjustments when things didn’t go quite to plan and celebrating successes.These are the characteristics that were important for this group.  I challenge you to think about your own Mentors and those that you may be mentoring.What makes a great Mentor for you?Who are you a Mentor for? What do they need from you to consider you a great mentor? Skye Team designed and facilitates the mentoring program on behalf of the WICT Rocky Mountain Chapter.  Each year two cohorts of mentees are partnered with Mentors, senior leaders from across the cable industry.  The six-month program includes individual mentoring as well as structured learning sessions and has been recognized by WICT as one of the most impactful and successful programs across their chapters. Related ArticlesTags »coachingcollaborationmentoring Share
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