Skye Book Review: Positive Intelligence

By Morag Barrett on May 28, 2013

Posted by Morag Barrett | May 28, 2013Skye Book Review: Positive IntelligenceThe story of Sisyphus tells of a mythological king who was forced to roll a boulder up a hill but, before he could reach the top, the massive stone would always roll back down forcing him to start over again. In “Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential AND HOW YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOURS”, Shirzad Chamine uses the analogy of this myth to illustrate how our efforts at success seem to unravel “just as surely as the giant boulder rolling to the bottom of the hill.” Chamine contends that while Sisyphus may have had outside influences that forced him into his plight, most of us only have ourselves to blame. Our torture is self-inflicted!“Most precisely, our own minds sabotage us.”This book is a true gold mine of useful information  that will help any organization increase performance and, perhaps most importantly, increase success and happiness within the individuals in the organization. One of Chamine’s main points in this book is to give pragmatic advice on how to increase our Positive Intelligence or PQ. He argues that our minds have the PQ brain (Sage) and the Survivor Brain (Saboteurs) and the more that we are able to become aware of and practice using our Sage, the higher our Positive Intelligent Quotient becomes. Chamine cites numerous studies and examples to prove that people and teams with higher PQ appear to be happier across all aspects of their lives.As someone who facilitates team building events, this book was packed with information and techniques on how to affect positive change within individuals and organizations. In fact, I’ve integrated many of his teachings into my own. I highly recommend this book.Related ArticlesTags »Best Leadership Bookscliff notesEmotional IntelligenceHigh Performing Teamleadership development denver Share
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