Seize the moment – an ode to Marissa.

By Morag Barrett on May 30, 2013

Posted by Morag Barrett | May 30, 2013Seize the moment – an ode to Marissa.I was sitting in my satellite office this afternoon (aka Starbucks) and was aware how all of the patrons were nose down, in their laptops, in their phones, in their books (me included)… no one was smiling, no one was acknowledging each other, we were in our own little worlds, focused on our own “stuff”.Until Marissa stood up… and started to dance.  She pirouetted up and down the walk way, swirling and singing to the music.  She was in the moment, unabashed enjoyment.  She gave it her all. And with that carefree abandon, the mood in the “office” changed.  People looked up, they stared… and then they smiled. At Marissa. At each other.As new people walked through the door they stopped (they had to as Marissa was in the way), smiled and complimented her on her dancing.  Those of us who moments ago were studiously focused on “stuff” also started to compliment her, and to have short conversations with each other about her dancing.  We stopped being self-focused and became other-focused.Even after Marissa had left Starbucks the mood was different.  People said “goodbye” to each other as they left – people who didn’t know each other just moments before.  People who would not have acknowledged each other, but for that shared experience.The learning?  Remember to look up occasionally, marvel in the moment, and if you dare… dance in Starbucks.  It will make a difference for everyone around you that lasts the rest of the day.[In case you were curious, Marissa was wearing sparkly pink shoes, would like to grow her hair long like Rapunzel, is 5 years old, and my new friend.]Related ArticlesTags »characterEmotionEmotional IntelligenceTrust Share
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