What’s Your Theme Tune?

By Morag Barrett on June 18, 2013

Posted by Morag Barrett | June 18, 2013What’s Your Theme Tune?Ever wondered whether life would be easier if you had a continuously running soundtrack behind you?  You know, like in the movies.  Think about it… you’d know when danger was imminent (the theme from Jaws would start), you’d know when a milestone was met (Celebration time,  C’mon), you’d know when to get the tissues out – you get the idea!The impact of the sound track was apparent for me as I left my last meeting today.  I have had a GREAT day, a fun and productive meeting with my team in the morning and a couple of successful client meetings in the afternoon. As I was leaving the last meeting of the day I was aware of “the spring in my step” and then I heard the music playing (literally, for real) in the background “This girl is on fire”… and it made me smile – I was, I am, I LOVE my job.Which is what got me thinking about the power of music in setting our tone, our personal soundtrack for work (and life).  I have previously blogged about “power poses”, now it’s the turn of “power tracks”. As I drove home I thought about how my soundtrack changes based on my mindset and mood:My power track is:  anything LOUD that gets the heart pumping – 1812 Overture, I love the mortar shells, the cathedral organ… as a teenager I would play this full blast, the house would shake and I could feel the music coursing through every atom… thankfully my parents never complained!When things are effortless: “Fly Me To the Moon” by Frank Sinatra (because it’s smooth, effortless and I just want to Foxtrot to it)When I am having a “bad day”: I struggled with this one but decided that “the Birdie Song” (Chicken dance for my US friends) was as good as any – annoying, pointy music that reflects my annoying, pointy day… though the best thing is it ALWAYS makes me smile, and get’s me back on track (go on, admit it, you do the actions when you hear it…) and failing this I return to LOUD power tracks!!So I asked my team to share their current sound tracks and here is what they had to say:Lauri Power Track:  “Paradise” by Coldplay – my wedding song – this is what we played when the minister, Jody, and the kids walked in – WOW! I also LOVE The Piano Guys’ version, which is called “Peponi“ – mega powerful!!Effortless:  “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve – I was doing the Mount Evans Ascent a couple of years ago and the weather was perfect and I felt great.  This song came on my iPod and I actually got teary-eyed because everything was so perfect. Bad Day:  Anything by Cake.  They’re fun and they crack me up. “Sick of You,”  “Short Skirt, Long Jacket,” “Love You Madly,” “Rock ‘n Roll Lifestyle.”Eric, who fought, kicked and screamed before being pinned down to a “top three for today”…Power Track: The Four Horsemen – MetallicaEffortless: Learning To Fly – Foo FightersBad Day: The Scientist – ColdplayWhat’s you theme tune?  Make sure you turn the volume up, wind the windows down in your car and play your power track LOUD!Related ArticlesTags »communicationeiEmotionEmotional IntelligenceEQ Share
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