What to do with Performance Reviews

By Morag Barrett on November 12, 2013

Posted by Morag Barrett | November 12, 2013What to do with Performance Reviewshttp://dilbert.comhttp://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2007-05-31/It’s that time of year when a collective groan is heard across the nation.  Performance Review time is upon us and for the next few months employees are scrabbling to find the time to meet the deadlines and fill in their self assessments.  Managers loathe them, employees resent them, where did we go wrong with performance reviews?  Here are three possible shortcomings:Failing to plan ahead.  You know what review cycle your company has, when goals are set, feedback provided and final reviews are due.  Why wait until the last minute to start thinking about your contribution and self assessment?Confusing the system with the process.  Effective performance management is about the process, NOT the online system used to capture your comments.  It often feels like this is lost and the system is the be all and end all. Goal Alignment, feedback and coaching are conversations that should be happening on an ongoing basis throughout the year, not just the few days that “the system is open” or when HR sends the reminder to “Submit your comments by Friday.”Losing sight of the original purpose.  Are you a performing pony or a smart human being?  Performance Management as a phrase implies the former, something that needs to be managed and controlled.  If we put semantics aside, and instead focus on using the PROCESS to provide feedback and coaching to help us improve, then performance management can make sense.What is your experience? What do you do with Performance Reviews?Related ArticlesTags »coachingFeedbackHow to complete a Performance Reviewperformance managementPerformance review phrases Share
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