Is your Performance Review a ONE-WAY or TWO-WAY Street?

By Morag Barrett on December 3, 2013

Posted by Morag Barrett | December 3, 2013Is your Performance Review a ONE-WAY or TWO-WAY Street?Performance reviews are valuable time during the year to have a conversation with your manager. And guess what? The conversation should be 50:50. It should not be driven by your manager; employees, make sure you take this important time to make it as useful as possible. Check out the 5 questions to ask during your next performance review:1)      Merging: What can I do to make your job easier?2)      Roadside Assistance: What can I do to be more helpful to the people on our team?3)      Maintenance Check: What did I do well this year?4)      Map it: What are the most important goals for this upcoming year?5)      Driving lessons: What new knowledge or skills do you think I should develop?During your next performance review take the opportunity to listen carefully and ask these 5 questions. Make the review more productive, have a conversation – look for opportunities for improvement. Annual performance reviews are a chance to build a relationship and get advice from your manager. It’s very valuable, make it a two-way street.Related ArticlesPerformance Reviews: Tips for SupervisorsPerformance review time can result in frustration for line managers who are suddenly faced with finding time to review their teams. But hang on there, it shouldn't be a surprise, you know what the review cycle is for your company. If you have left it to the last minute then…November 26, 2013In "Emotional Intelligence"How to Prepare for Your Performance ReviewIn our work with clients across the globe we often hear complaints and frustration when it comes to completing performance review information. I think it goes back to our time at school when we were given the dreaded report card to take home to our parents.  We quickly scrambled through…November 19, 2013In "Emotional Intelligence"What to do with Performance Reviewshttp://dilbert.com It’s that time of year when a collective groan is heard across the nation.  Performance Review time is upon us and for the next few months employees are scrabbling to find the time to meet the deadlines and fill in their self assessments.  Managers loathe them, employees resent them,…November 12, 2013In "High Performing Teams"Tags »High Performing TeamHow to complete a Performance Reviewleadership development denverleadership training coloradoperformance managementPerformance review phrases Share
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