MBTI: Extroversion and Introversion

By SkyeTeam on December 24, 2013

Posted by SkyeTeam | December 24, 2013MBTI: Extroversion and IntroversionSuch is the common clash of Extraverts and Introverts.  Why?  Because they are wired differently.  Extraverts do their thinking and processing “outside” themselves, through talking – to themselves or to others.  They gain energy from the outside world.Introverts do their thinking and processing on the “inside.”  They gain energy from within.  When Extraverts are talking, they are not necessarily giving their best or final answer but merely thinking it through (Read: stream of consciousness) before settling on what they really want to say.  This drives Introverts crazy because they think things through without talking, and when they do say something it’s generally a more thoughtful statement.Unfortunately, while Introverts are quietly thinking about what they want to say, Extraverts are filling the silence with more talking.  Silence drives Extraverts crazy, so by the time the Introvert speaks up with their well-thought-out answer, the Extravert has moved on to something else.What to do?  People on both ends of the E/I spectrum can help bridge this gap.Extraverts:  Remember to W-A-I-T (Why Am I Talking?).  Ask Introverts for their thoughts before you move on.  Give them the opportunity to respond first.  Take a breath and get comfortable with silence.Introverts:  Don’t hesitate to speak up – even saying, “let me think about that,” gives Extraverts a heads-up that you will have a response soon.  If possible, think about the issue in advance and come prepared with your “final answer.”  Take a breath and jump in.If you are curious to learn more about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and how it can support you or your team’s success then call us today!  Related ArticlesTags »MBTIMyers Briggsteam building activities Share3
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