Skye Book Review: The Science and Technology of Growing Young – Sergey Young

by SkyeTeam

Turns out the secret to living longer is not dying! Really, drive carefully, eat your vegetables and hold on a little bit longer. According to Sergey Young, founder of the Longevity Vision Fund, medical and technological advancements within the next decade will lead to an average human lifespan of 150 to 200 years! Who wants to live to 200, and what does that look like? Young’s book The Science and Technology of Growing Young starts off sounding like quite the science fiction novel. His work with longevity is laid out to ward off skepticism making 200 years old sound worth living for and more realistic.

Longevity is defined with its three key principals: prevention of premature death, extension of life, and age reversal. Something that can be done today to avoid an untimely death is putting down the phone while driving, and society is already pushing for self-driving cars. Longevity’s goal for prevention of death is to create more accessible, portable diagnostic devices to make medicine more proactive and personal. To tie in with this, life extension comes into play with longevity research on the regeneration of organs. Finally, a common misconception of living to 200 means being old for longer. With longevity’s research on “resetting” cells, Young paints a lovely picture of having all the wisdom of a 200-year-old and not feeling a day over 25.

The best thing about this book is Young’s allyship. Young raised $100 million dollars to start the Longevity Vision Fund to support his goal of extending “healthy lifespans of at least one billion people.” He calls to attention many works of friends and colleagues in the field throughout the book. Nurturing these personal, familial, and career relationships is one of the motivations and benefits of longevity. The ultimate goal being to “help humanity fulfill its most ambitious dreams and achieve its greatest life potential.”
For more updates and tips on how to live forever, go to his website at The Science and Technology of Growing Young comes out this August.
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