Welcome to the Olympics – the Petri Dish of Emotional Intelligence

By SkyeTeam on February 11, 2014

Posted by SkyeTeam | February 11, 2014Welcome to the Olympics – the Petri Dish of Emotional IntelligenceThe thrill of victory… the agony of defeat.  You’ll see the whole range over the next couple of weeks.  Do you ever wonder why it is, that at this world stage of sport, we see amazing personal bests coupled with heartbreakingly bad performances?  It’s certainly not lack of training or lack of understanding about what needs to be done.  These women and men are elite athletes who have trained and prepared for years to get to this place.  They are the best of the best.  They’ve done this a million times and they know what to do.So why do some break records and others break down?  It’s Emotional Intelligence of course.  The ability to corral the butterflies in the stomach and get them to cooperate is critical to crossing the finish line first or scoring the perfect “10.”  But when the butterflies are on the loose, untamed and unmanaged, when things don’t go as planned.   The Olympics are like a big science experiment for Emotional Intelligence, or EQ.  When the right conditions exist in the petri dish, athletes flourish.  Under the wrong conditions, bad stuff happens.It all starts with self-awareness.  This is the ability to recognize how you’re feeling at a given moment, and to anticipate how you might feel at a moment in the future.   It’s about understanding triggers – what makes you nervous, excited, fearful, energized, focused, freaked out…? – and being able to see it coming before it washes over you.Once a feeling or emotion is recognized, the next component of Emotional Intelligence needs to kick in – self-management.  This is the ability to control your feelings and emotions, and let the logical rational part of your brain take over.  This is what allows some athletes to excel under pressure, and prevents others from performing when it matters most.  Take a close look when the TV cameras zero in on an athlete’s face just before they go on.  What do you see?  Some are focused and totally “in the zone,” while others show their nerves and you can see them fighting for self-control.What does this have to do with business?  Everything.  The world of work is also like a big petri dish for EQ.  When the right conditions exist, good things can happen.  That critical presentation, that big sale, the tough conversation with the boss, the interview for your dream job.  These are all opportunities to shine, and you can do it with EQ on your side.Stay tuned for some tips to help you stay in the driver’s seat instead of getting wrapped around the axle.Related ArticlesTags »Emotional IntelligenceEQ Share
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