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By SkyeTeam on August 19, 2014

Posted by SkyeTeam | August 19, 2014Blogging about bloggingI’ve been thinking a lot about blogging, so I decided to write a blog about it.  True.  A blog about blogging.  Back in the day – the day before blogs existed – we somehow managed to get through our days without feeling like something was missing.  I remember my first conversation with someone about blogging.  I was talking with a participant in a workshop I was conducting.  We were at dinner with the rest of the workshop group, and he and I were conducting the usual small talk.  Our conversation went something like this:Me:  So what keeps you busy outside of work?Him:  Oh I’m a blogger.Me:  A blogger?Him:  Yeah, I blog a lot.Me:  Wow – can’t you take something for that?Him:  I have to go now.Clearly he was not impressed with my complete lack of being impressed with his bloggery.In the years since that conversation, I’ve made a little progress in the blogosphere.  Some would argue very little progress.  I don’t read a lot of blogs because I’m busy doing busy stuff.  That said, I really love it when I find a blog that captures (and holds) my attention.  I am a tough customer.  I’ll tell you what I look for, and I encourage you to do the same:Relevance – how does it connect to my world, my work, my interests?Brevity – short and sweet is lovely.  A link, if I want to know more, is even lovelier.Thought-provoking – does it make me stop – really stop – and think?  Even for just a moment?Different – does it stand out from the gazillions of other things clamoring for my short little span of attention?That’s it.  I just thought it was important to stop and think about what makes me stop and think.  What’s on your list?Related ArticlesTags »collaborationcommunication Share
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