Three steps to cultivate your network

By Morag Barrett on February 24, 2015

Posted by Morag Barrett | February 24, 2015Three steps to cultivate your networkThe world of work and your success is not a solo sport, you are dependent on others for your success. It therefore makes sense to be deliberate in how you develop relationships, not just for today, but also for tomorrow. Here are three steps to get you started:Build Your Network – Seek out opportunities to get to know the people around you. Whether it’s at a formal networking event, as a member of an association, or simply the person on the plane next to you. You may be surprised at just how connected you may be when you take the time to ask a few questions. Remember relationships are not just for today… maybe this new contact could be your boss, colleague or new client next month, next year.Work Your Network – I use LinkedIn to keep in touch with my contacts. There is a new tool on LinkedIn that allows you to set reminders to get in touch with people (open a profile, click on ‘relationships’ and then reminders). Make sure you stay in touch, a quick congratulations message, or an article and “thinking of you”. Ask for help and input from your network, you may just receive a suggestion you hadn’t considered!Share Your Network – In my book Cultivate. The Power of Winning Relationships, I talk about the concepts of Generosity and Abundance, one of the four elements of being an Ally. The most successful people are the ones who share their network and expertise, they give more than they take. Make introductions, share your wisdom and build a reputation for being the go-to person.Related ArticlesTags »Cultivating Winning RelationshipsWorking with difficult people Share1
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