How to Manage Your Time.

By Morag Barrett on May 5, 2015

Posted by Morag Barrett | May 5, 2015How to Manage Your Time.Time management is that elusive skill that I have yet to master. I often find myself wishing that I had more time. More time to follow up on the hundreds of emails I receive every day. More time to spend with my family and friends. More time just thinking about and planning for my next book, or growing SkyeTeam.I hear leaders and business owners complain regularly about the “lack of time” to get everything done. Well I will let you into two secretsThere are only 24 hours in a day – whether you are an employee, or business ownerWork will always expand to fill the time available – there is always more that you could be doingSecret to Time Management? Manage the work not time!Click To TweetIf we hold these two ideas to be true, what is to be done? Here are three suggestions to help you stay on timeCreate a to-do list. As someone who is a little “pressure prompted” to-do lists are critical, I use as my digital to do list. That way I can capture ideas and “oh I should really…” thoughts and file them away for an appropriate time when I can prioritize them and decide if and when I should work on them.Is this urgent or important? Be clear about what your goals are and then ask yourself whether the task at hand is helping you to achieve your goals. If the answer is no, put it away now, no matter how much you enjoy the task, it is merely serving as a distraction.Walk away. Schedule time away from your desk, whether it is time with the family, at the gym, or simply a walk around the neighborhood to clear your mind. Time away from the office or desk is critical, and can result in breakthrough thinking!There you go, three tips to stay focused on what matters most to you.Related ArticlesTags »management Share
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