Weekly Roundup #5

By SkyeTeam on November 11, 2015

Posted by SkyeTeam | November 11, 2015Weekly Roundup #5Welcome to the Cultivate@Work Weekly Roundup. Each week we scour the Internet for stories and ideas of how people cultivate winning relationships at work and share them in this blog. It’s perfect for anyone interested in applying the ideas and techniques from Cultivate. The Power of Winning Relationships by SkyeTeam CEO Morag Barrett.In this week’s roundup: Company Culture Mistakes, Letting Go of Controlling Others, Interruptions as Motivators, Meetings Revamped, Stay Interviews, Using Twitter to Manage Company Change, Advice for Selecting Leaders, and Why Case Studies Are Good for Learning.The Biggest Culture Mistakes These 6 Business Leaders Made and How They Bounced Back – Entrepreneur and CultureIQ recently published their 2015 Top Company Cultures List this past week. This insightful article shares the biggest culture mistakes six of these companies made and how they bounced back.4 Practices to Shift From Controlling to Empowering Others – The need for control is often founded from a need to avoid pain and feeling vulnerable. But the cure for pain is not avoidance, but connection. This article shares four steps you can take to recognize your vulnerability and become more open to connection.How to Get Yourself to Practice When You Don’t Feel Like It – Having trouble getting motivated on that project? Learn about the Zeigarnik effect and why interruptions might be your best tool for working through your difficult projects.Stop Calling Every Conversation a “Meeting” – Peter Drucker famously said “One either meets or one works. One cannot do both at the same time.” Al Pittampalli, author of Read This Before Our Next Meeting, argues that we need better definitions of what is a meeting and shares his ideas for how to make them effective.Smiling on the Outside, Crying on the Inside – Instead of having dreaded annual performance reviews, more companies are moving toward more frequent “Stay Interviews.” Use the ALIVE framework to help make the most of these Stay Interviews with your employees.Change Management Meets Social Media – A recent study finds that 55% of respondents going through a change event at work wished their employer offered more digital and social engagement. This HBR.com article outlines 4 ways social media can help manage change in your company.“Leadership Qualities” vs. Competence: Which Matters More? – This research study finds that groups tend to choose people who display leadership qualities, like confidence, even when shown that people who are more technically competent were more effective at solving problems. Includes advice on how to select better leaders.Why Organizations Need to Make Learning Hard – Real learning takes effort for learners to move beyond retaining information and knowing how to apply information to solve problems. This article discusses how using case studies can make your next training more effective and challenging.Thanks for reading! If you liked this article, join the Cultivate LinkedIn Group to get more articles, share your ideas, opinions, and questions on how to apply Cultivate to your life. We’re changing how work gets done, one conversation at a time.Filipina Pate is a recovering startup founder, entrepreneur and writer with more than fifteen years of experience in creating, designing and marketing web-based products and services. She is known for her creative ideas and vision, the technical expertise to turn ideas into reality, and a belief in the power of technology to bring people together.Related Articles Share1
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