Got strategy? How about execution?

By SkyeTeam on December 16, 2015

Posted by SkyeTeam | December 16, 2015Got strategy? How about execution?You may have a strategy, and even a good strategy, but how are you doing on execution? Many organizations struggle with the challenges of turning a great plan into action. Gayle Lantz has written an excellent article about commonly occurring gaps between an organization’s strategy, and their ability to effectively execute on that strategy. She identifies five roadblocks to execution, including unclear strategy, lack of accountability and unclear measures of success. Read her article here.If you’re not sure about the clarity of your strategy, or your people’s understanding of how it relates to them, let us help you. We are certified partners for the Prana Business Line of Sight strategic alignment tool. This assessment tool can help you identify your strengths in strategic execution, and also pinpoint areas where you need to make some adjustments. This tool gives business leaders a powerful view into the perceptions and perspectives of people throughout the organization. Are the executives in tune with the rest of the organization? Often they are so far ahead in their thinking that they fail to realize they’ve left the rest of the organization behind.Imagine the power of alignment. We can help. Learn more here.This post was originally published on LinkedIn by Lauri Brammeier.Related Articles Share
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