Strategy? Yes, please.

By SkyeTeam on December 29, 2015

Posted by SkyeTeam | December 29, 2015Strategy? Yes, please.Strategy is good. Everyone knows we need a strategy. We need to be more strategic. Sometimes our strategy ends up being repeating the word “strategy” and hope no one notices we really don’t know what we’re talking about. I’m here to help. I just became a Certified Partner for an amazing assessment tool that not only helps unlock the secret of this over-used yet mysterious word, but also lets you see what it means to everyone in your organization. Scary? Keep reading. You’ve got this.First let’s understand what strategy is. There are three parts to this definition.Part 1: Value proposition. This is the answer to the question, “why do our customers buy from us versus the competition?”Part 2: Value chain. The question here is, “what activities does our company perform to deliver our value proposition?”Part 3: Fit. “Do our activities fit with our value proposition?” In other words, are the activities we’re putting energy into, making a difference? As Michael Porter says, “the essence of strategy lies in choosing what not to do.”What an interesting conversation you could have by asking key players in your organization to answer these three questions! Granted, you might be a little worried by the varying answers or the blank stares, but at least you would know where there is and isn’t alignment. Again, I’m here to help.Back to the assessment I mentioned earlier. It’s called Line of Sight and it is a series of 29 questions designed to help you understand how well you and your team and organization are aligned (or misaligned!) in the understanding and execution of strategy.Simple. Powerful. Call me.Related ArticlesTags »strategy Share1
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