It’s That Time Again

By SkyeTeam on February 16, 2016

Posted by SkyeTeam | February 16, 2016It’s That Time AgainYou know, that time when you realize it’s the middle of February and those lofty and noble New Year’s Resolutions you set a mere six weeks ago have already become a distant memory. How’s that new gym membership working for you? Or that new healthy eating plan? Or the get-a-promotion-at-work plan? Not so well? OK.So, what to do? Let’s look at your options:Concede defeat and throw in the towel.Chide yourself for not doing better, and then throw in the towel.Chide yourself and then actually do better for a few days. And then throw in the towel.Find a new towel.I vote for the Option 4, not as an excuse to abandon goals you haven’t completed, but because maybe those goals are not the right ones. If they were, you would be working on them. I think sometimes we take a great goal and then unwittingly set ourselves up for failure.Sometimes we take a great goal and unwittingly set ourselves up for failure – Lauri Brammeier @SkyeTeam #focusClick To TweetConsider the gym membership for just a moment. Buying that membership and committing to going to the gym three times a week when you haven’t worked out in years is probably not very realistic. Maybe you could start with something a little more basic. The goal of goals, after all, is to push yourself and also achieve something – not to have some big weight (yes, pun intended) hanging over your head. What if you set a goal of doing some kind of physical activity for 15 minutes twice a week? Celebrate that success and then work your way up.Do the same with work-related goals, like the “get a promotion” idea, then take a step back and consider the components of that goal:Why do you even want this?What do you think would be different?Who do you need to network with?What skills do you have?Who knows you have those skills?What skills do you need?Who do you know who has those skills?You get the idea. Maybe in doing this questioning exercise you’ll find that you can set an achievable goal like networking with one new person each week, or making a list of the skills you have today – an informal skills inventory.My point in all of this is that we often make New Year’s Resolutions in the moment and then the moment passes. Such a waste! I challenge you to revisit that moment and figure out what you need to do differently in order to be successful in doing something differently.Let me know how it goes.Related ArticlesTags »career advicechange Share
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