PeopleFirst! with Susan Frew

By Morag Barrett

Everyone’s leadership journey looks different. From AT&T General Manager to being Co-Owner and President of Sunshine Plumbing, Susan Frew is the real deal and an inspiration. (She is also a phenomenal business coach!) As you know, we have to start with the origin story… 

From dreaming of being a world-class chef, Susan took a hard pivot when she experienced being an actual chef, and… hated it! Suddenly, working in business looked a lot more interesting…

The Challenges of Running Your Own Business
It looks easier than it is. I know from personal experience that running your own business is hard work and a lot of planning. 80% of internal operations are never even seen by the customers OR the employees. Being an entrepreneur is not for everybody. Being able to make things look effortless deserves a lot of credit, and Susan has made her entrepreneurial journey look effortless - until it wasn’t.

Mistakes Happen
Sometimes, you make a mistake. For Susan, it was a million-dollar mistake. (WHAT?! Yeah, I’m not telling you. You’ll have to
listen to the podcast.) It happens. The company almost went under… But… they didn’t. They needed a plan. Susan shares more during our conversation. And this is what makes this episode of People First one of the most powerful, vulnerable, and courageous episodes as Susan shares how she stood strong in the face of adversity and I applaud her. 

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Susan and hope you’ll find our podcast/video a helpful tool for you on your leadership journey!

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