Cultivate@Work: Making mistakes can make you stronger!

By Morag Barrett on May 5, 2016

Posted by Morag Barrett | May 5, 2016Cultivate@Work: Making mistakes can make you stronger!Welcome to the Cultivate@Work Weekly Roundup. We scour the Internet for stories and ideas of how people cultivate winning relationships at work and share them in this weekly summary. It’s perfect for anyone interested in applying the ideas and techniques from Cultivate. The Power of Winning Relationships by SkyeTeam CEO Morag Barrett.Want more? Then sign up for the Cultivate@Work Field Guide where you will discover articles, downloadable resources, videos, podcasts and more, all designed to help you to cultivate professional relationships at work.True secret of success? Make LOTS of mistakes! It sounds totally crazy. But in an uplifting new book, Matthew Syedargues that only by embracing failure can you improve your lifeAs a business leader, one of the scariest things to do was to give your people the freedom to make mistakes.We have all heard the sayings “To err is human” and “you live and you learn”. We make mistakes every day, large and small, failures and faux pas. But failure and mistakes still don’t feel like an awesome learning opportunity. So embrace failures, mistakes, screw ups and shortcomings because they not only make us uniquely who we are, but also teach us powerful lessons.Diagnose the health of your professional relationships with our new Relationship Diagnostic! To purchase single-user access to the Relationship Diagnostic, click on the button below to pay via Pay Pal or credit card. The current introductory price is $35 for a single user. Special Intro Price – $35.00 Regular Price $75.00Thanks for reading! Join the Cultivate@Work community to read more articles, share your ideas, opinions, and questions on how to apply Cultivate to your life. We’re changing how work gets done, one conversation, and one relationship at a time.Related ArticlesTags »cultivate@workCultivating Winning Relationshipsleadership development denver Share
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