How to Ensure you have a “Done List” vs the Endless “To-Do List”

By Morag Barrett on December 4, 2018

Well it’s official, there are less than 6 weeks left of 2018. All my grand plans for things I wanted to accomplish in the autumn remain firmly on my ‘to-do-list’ vs my ‘done-list’. Only last week I caught myself thinking “oh well, I can add them to my New Year’s Resolution” list… so you know that will turn out!

In that moment I realized how futile that wishful thinking was.The thing is, it is NEVER too late to start. Instead of allowing myself off the hook, or promising I will try harder next year, I decided to take a deep breath and start a new list. My 6-in-6 list. 6 things I intend to accomplish in the next 6 weeks, or each week, to ensure that 2019 gets off to a flying start.

So what made the cut? Well, I can tell you what didn’t, filling my schedule with non stop meetings, redecorating at home… but what has made the list is an eclectic selection of personal, domestic and social activities. Here are some examples:
  • Download and start the Couch-to-5k app (I am on day 3!!)
  • Spend time with friends and family and avoid the distraction of my phone
  • Reconnect with friends, colleagues and clients
We often create lists for big milestones like New Years (just how many resolutions are broken by Jan 3rd?) and forget that any day is a milestone and time to create a new commitments list.

Don’t wait till “after the Holidays,” start now. Which list are you going to create, and, more to the point, what are you going to put on it?
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