Leadership Matters: What We're Talking About

People First! with Howard Prager
Oct 26, 2021
Howard Prager shares his discovery behind making someone's day and how that lead him to write a book to encourage leaders. ...
People First! with Jeff Kirschner
Oct 19, 2021
Jeff Kirschner shares how he went from traveling the world to creating and developing an app to make a healthier, cleaner planet....
People First! with Deepa Prahalad
Sep 28, 2021
Deepa Prahalad shares what makes good design in prototypes, marketing, and business. ...
People First! with John Warrillow
Sep 21, 2021
If you want to know your most valuable asset as an entrepreneur and how much your business is worth, John Warrillow is the man to ask....
People First! with Digby Leigh
Sep 14, 2021
Digby's career in law has made him aware of how dated pay-by-the-hour is and how he wants to change that....
PeopleFirst! with David Nour
Aug 24, 2021
David Nour shares how to elevate your success with great relationships, grit, and personal reinvention. ...
PeopleFirst! with Michele Wucker
Aug 17, 2021
Michele Wucker leads the discussion on taking risks and how to navigate them productively during chaotic times....
People First! with Ron Carucci
Jul 07, 2021
People First! Jeffrey Hull
Aug 24, 2021
Dr. Jeffrey Hull explains the importance of leadership and communication in the workplace, whether that's a virtual work environment or in an office space....
People First! Troy McLaughlin
Jul 07, 2021
People First! Ramon Ray
Jul 07, 2021
People First! with Gerald Kane
May 05, 2021
The technology fallacy is the mistaken belief that just because an organization’s challenges or struggles are caused by digital technology does not mean that the solution must involve digital technology as well. ...
People First! with David Burkus
Apr 14, 2021
People First! with Darren Kanthal
Apr 13, 2021
People First! Brad Montgomery
Mar 16, 2021
My guest today is Brad Montgomery, a transformational leader who teaches people how to use their emotional and social skills to boost performance, creativity, innovation, and profits. Check out the episode to hear how he brings the fun back to work....
People First! Heather Younger
Mar 12, 2021
Heather Younger has rightly earned her reputation as “the employee whisperer”. Listen in as we discuss how her experiences have led her to become a champion for positive change in the workplace....
Are You Seen as a Respectful Leader
Feb 15, 2021
The Secret is "All You Have to do is Ask"
Feb 01, 2021