Get to Know SkyeTeam

Why Skye?

The majestic Isle of Skye in Scotland is the ancestral home of the Clan McLeod. SkyeTeam’s CEO & Founder, Morag Barrett (née McLeod) chose the name to honor her heritage.

Why SkyeTeam?

This captures the essence of who we are, what we do, and why we do it. We are a passionate team who is committed to building strong and successful teams for those we serve.

Meet SkyeTeam

Our people are the very heart of our company and we’ve chosen them wisely. They embrace our mission and embody our core values. So, please take a little time to get to know us.

Morag Barrett
Eric Spencer
Ruby Vesely
Dr. Linda Sharkey
Executive Consultant
Dr. Trish Holliday
Executive Consultant
Jose Acevedo
Ben Whiting
Patrick Nelson