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Success in the 21st century requires leaders at all levels in an organization. Leadership isn’t (and never was) about position or title. It is about how you influence, inspire and engage everyone who works with and for you.

Especially today, as we respond to the Global Pandemic, investing in your leaders is a business critical opportunity for organizations who are seeking to retain a sense of team, and nurture employee engagement.

Effective leaders leave an indelible mark on individuals and teams both inside and outside an organization. They also value the appropriate management skills to hold themselves and others accountable for delivering exceptional results.

  • Does your leadership pass the test?
  • Do you know where your [in]formal leaders are?
  • Do your leaders and managers understand the expectations of them?

If your leaders struggled with their people management responsibilities when they were colocated then chances are those gaps are exacerbated in a work-from-home and virtual environment. The time to provide a laser-like investment in your leaders is now.

The good news is that SkyeTeam brings extensive experience in digital leadership development and the design of in-person, virtual and blended learning solutions. No death-by-powerpoint, or one-way webinars. Instead the participants in your programs are immersed in the experience from the get go.

SkyeTeam’s award winning leadership & management development programs are rich experiences that result in positive impact and change long after your leaders graduate from their program. Each workshop and program element is customized for you and ensures that the most important people in your organization are equipped with the mindset and skills needed to achieve your business objectives.

Executive Coaching: Individual Development

We’ve all been there, either we’ve had a rising star who appears to be struggling in a new role, or found ourselves in a business critical role where we can’t afford to fail. It can be lonely and stressful, where do you turn for help? Training isn’t the answer, but executive coaching could be.

SkyeTeam’s executive coaches have worked with leaders from the C-Suite to the shop floor, from Silicon Valley to darkest Peru (honestly!) Our coaches don’t do ‘soft and fluffy’ and we're not going to sugar coat it for you, instead expect the feedback you need to hear – not just want to hear – along with pragmatic recommendations and support to elevate your influence and impact.

Coaching with results. Guaranteed.

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